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Zodiac Matrix

Zodiac Matrix, our cloud software platform, has been in production at Tier I operators for fifteen years … in fact since before “the cloud” even existed.

As an API management platform, Matrix is an integration bus that is preconfigured for video service delivery BSS/OSS systems.  Matrix ports over 100 BSS/OSS vendor system APIs to a common data model, including most major backoffice, conditional access, metadata, biller, VOD, nDVR, SDV, OTT app, search engine, recommendation engine, ad decision engine, data collection, etc. APIs.

Each and every Matrix connected system thus becomes an application, reusable by every other system on the network.  The once inflexible, closed video service delivery “walled garden” architecture is liberated to act like any other modern IT network.

Matrix is a lightweight, containerized Kubernetes/Docker platform, made up of microservices that can be centralized or distributed around the video service delivery environment and in the cloud.  As such, it is economic for limited narrow use cases requiring a flexible integration hub, or scaling to orchestrate all BSS/OSS systems at a Tier I operator.

Matrix is carrier-grade, reliably supporting Tier I operator SLAs since its first day in production in 2004.


Zodiac Stack

Zodiac Stack, our device software platform, has been in production at Tier I operators for fifteen years.

Scaled to tens of millions of set-tops, the Zodiac Stack device software has a long history of bringing enhanced user interfaces to any set-top box, from legacy to next gen.  Having won two Emmys for Zodiac Stack implementations, Zodiac is recognized as the Gold Standard In Legacy Migrations.

The Zodiac Stack is hardware-agnostic, today running over 150 different set-top models spanning most major set-top, chipset and conditional access vendors across a variety of Zodiac Matrix managed network environments.

In order to accommodate any UI across multiple set-top generations, the Stack supports Chromium, Cobalt, Canvas and native Zodiac presentation engines.  The major premium native apps and app stores run on Zodiac Stack.

The Zodiac Stack is carrier-grade, reliably supporting Tier I operator SLAs since its first day in production in 2004.


Zodiac  Cloud Modules

Zodiac Cloud Modules, represent our network software SaaS applications.

With Zodiac Matrix integrating and orchestrating BSS/OSS systems leveraging a common data model, and interfacing with a common software domain across set-tops, the video service delivery network is primed for network-wide, value-added applications.

Zodiac has a portfolio of Cloud Modules, including:

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Many components and workflows in the Zodiac Cloud Modules stemmed from custom developments by Zodiac Tier I operator customers, and as such represent proven capabilities in production for over a decade.

Cloud Modules

Zodiac Professional Services

Every Zodiac software installation requires some custom integration and deployment support, despite a large portfolio of Zodiac Matrix preintegrated APIs and notwithstanding the Stack already running a broad array of devices.  Across 15 years, Zodiac has built substantial knowhow in engineering, deploying and supporting software solutions to challenging operator video service delivery requirements.

As such, Zodiac has significant experience using software to manipulate and often “trick” systems in the video service delivery vendor ecosystem to do things they were never designed to do in the first place.

Consistent with this theme, Zodiac has a long history of engaging in custom engineering projects to help operators work through the specific challenges they face.

Custom Services
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