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Pixsan Becomes Zodiac Interactive Europe, Ltd.

Unifying name change comes nearly one year after acquisition

HICKSVILLE, NY (Sept. 11, 2017) – In a clear sign of its growing global presence, Zodiac Interactive, a provider of technology solutions that empower multi-generational video delivery systems and devices, is pleased to announce that its European subsidiary, Pixsan Digital Software, Ltd., has changed its name to Zodiac Interactive Europe, Ltd.

Zodiac late last year acquired the 10-year-old United Kingdom-based software company specializing in the development of software products for video service providers, OEMs and TV retailers.

Since then, Zodiac has worked to unify the companies under a single brand and their technologies under a singular platform, while maintaining Zodiac Interactive Europe’s distinction as an industry leader in the UK and European markets.

“At Zodiac, we are, increasingly, dealing with customers and partners across international borders. It is clear that our global identity is an important part of our ongoing effort to enable companies in our industry with technological capabilities that will serve to strengthen their bottom lines,” said Zodiac CEO Brandon Brown. “The Pixsan brand has allowed for our introduction to the European market, but now it’s time to show the industry that we are a unified and international group.”

Since the acquisition was completed in November 2016, Zodiac Interactive Europe has continued its mission to expand within Europe and build its new business pipeline.

“We believe the new name will serve to increase recognition in Europe of the success the Zodiac group is enjoying with Tier 1 operators around the world,” Brown said.

Under its previous name, Zodiac Interactive Europe has been providing software engineering for set top boxes, integrated TVs and interactive TVs since 2007.

About Zodiac Interactive

Formed in 2003, Zodiac Interactive creates software solutions that empower video service providers to bring the latest interactive TV content, services and interfaces to their audiences regardless of platform, system or device. Through Zodiac offerings, today’s video service providers are able to more quickly develop and deploy advanced content delivery applications, services and user interfaces that significantly enhance the viewer experience. Using Zodiac’s PowerUp™ client and server technologies, Zodiac’s clients are reaching more than 20 million users. Zodiac solutions enable significantly faster times-to-market, contributing to decreased customer churn, improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue and profits. To learn more about how Zodiac is dramatically impacting the cable industry, visit

Media Contact:

Jeff Cronin, DDCworks


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