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Migration to a Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform

The client is a Tier 1 American cable television provider.


After selecting a new DRM system to accommodate for today’s security issues, the client was looking for a cost-effective way to minimize risk for subscribers during the platform migration. Switching DMR platforms is already expensive and challenging, and their set-top vendor didn’t offer an appropriate option. The client was facing revenue loss from piracy, too.


Using Zodiac Matrix and Zodiac Stack, we de-risked the platform migration. Matrixand Stack allowed for the existing DRM and new DRM to run synonymously, and we orchestrated the migration by region so it was customized for each subscriber.


  • Updated security for subscribers and content owners

  • No customer disruption or inconveniences

  • Maintained economical price point for video service provider

  • Proofed the system for future development

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