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Maximizing Lifespan for Legacy Set-top Boxes

The client is an American telecommunications and mass media company.


With pay TV subscribers cutting back and signing up for lower cost, over-the-top (OTT) applications, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, our team had to rethink set-top boxes, since they were not designed to run OTT apps. There was a high customer churn to competitive services with advanced user interfaces and built in OTT capabilities, and replacing millions of set-top boxes was not realistic due to cost.


Using Zodiac Stack, we enabled OTT apps on previously deployed set-top boxes. The solution is a fraction of the price it would have cost to roll out new set-top boxes to each subscriber’s home. Zodiac Stack optimizes the performance of set-top boxes, maximizes life span, and enables cutting-edge user experiences.


  • Reduced cost by not rolling out new set-top boxes to each subscriber’s home

  • Improved user experience, content discovery, search function, and recommendations across life, Video on Demand, and OTT applications

  • Increased user engagement and customer satisfaction

  • Increased ARPU (average revenue per unit) while reducing churn

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