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IP-led Transformation in the Cable Space

The client is an American telecommunications and mass media company.


The client faced a high customer churn rate to competitive lower cost streaming services with advanced built-in user interfaces. The client’s cable boxes were not designed to run streaming applications, and it wasn’t in their financial interest to replace these boxes. Industry acquisitions left paid television service providers supporting multiple user experiences across various generations of cable boxes.


Our team built Zodiac Stack technology to enable applications to run on existing cable boxes and optimize existing user experiences. We also built Zodiac Matrixtechnology to seamlessly migrate to a new Digital Rights Management (DRM) platform and unify back-office operations.


  • Reduced churn with lift in ARPU (average revenue per unit)

  • Significant cost savings over replacing deployed boxes

  • Improved user experience with higher user engagement and customer satisfaction

  • Solution supports multiple back-office systems

  • 4 million users now on our proprietary platform

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