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Advanced UI and apps

on any set-top

Zodiac has a long history of bringing state-of-the-art,

advanced user interfaces and apps to any set-top box, from deep legacy to next gen.

2nd Fold

Decouple your software strategy

from your hardware strategy

Stop being trapped by legacy BSS/OSS and device decisions made a decade ago.


The Gold Standard in legacy migrations

Upgrade legacy video service delivery devices and subsystems with a unified cloud software environment that is proven at Tier I operators.

3rd Fold
4th Fold

“Unwall” your walled garden

Enable inflexible, closed, proprietary video “walled gardens”

to function like a modern cloud application-enabled network.

Image of a black box

Why Zodiac

For over 15 years, Zodiac’s cloud and device software platform has been quietly powering the video service delivery networks of Tier I operators.

Derisk your IP migration – Zodiac’s unified software environment allows you to …

  • enable a new IP backoffice to “see”/run legacy devices/systems

  • coordinate moving services to IP one-by-one or en masse

  • orchestrate merging BSS/OSS services seamlessly

  • migrate and decommission BSS/OSS systems

5th Fold
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