RDK Integration Services

Zodiac Interactive RDK Integration Services takes the manifest of open source and licensed components comprising the RDK and provides for the integrations with all backend systems and subsystems. The RDK Integration process provides processes and platforms to manage and deploy software and devices and manage the integration of the head end, VOD, SDV, services and applications. As part of the integration process, Zodiac Interactive utilizes as much existing infrastructure and applications as possible.

Zodiac Interactive has a long history of managed and unmanaged device software development and integration with deployments covering 20 million users on existing QAM and hybrid platforms. It contributed to the first proof of concept leading to RDK and among the earliest licensees. It has a long track record of complex integrations and strong working relationships with set top OEMs and SoC vendors.

Zodiac Interactive’s integration services principles are compatible with the RDK:

  • Open and Flexible
  • Modular
  • Contributed best practices
  • HTML5 platform and browser
  • Integration of DLNA, live streaming
  • Rapid application deployment platform
Zodiac RDK Integration Services:

  • Architecture Optimization
    • DOCSIS, server and client
  • Integration
    • All systems and subsystems, applications, third parties
  • Testing and Certification
    • Automated and time and field-proven
  • Deployment Management
    • Full trial and deployment support
  • Full application framework
  • RDK extensions, as desired
  • HTML5 expertise
  • Client and backend intelligence for optimal stream experience
  • Performance optimizations