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Zodiac’s Solutions Engineering team works with video service providers to simplify the development and deployment of interactive content, gaming, and on-demand entertainment platforms. Our 250+ engineers, technicians, designers, and support staff provide end-to-end engagement throughout a deployment’s full lifecycle and beyond.

Evaluation of Future Technologies

Our academic approach to research and development can offer you objective evaluations of technology.

Our engineers have decades of research and development experience finding advanced solutions for other technology environments and evaluating future technology. This includes UI, aggregation and compression, stream transformation, and other technologies that can open new opportunities that seem closed without new developments. Our ability to remain objective without product influence is a trademark of our professional services organization.


Set-top software can gain the weight of years of requirements that may be obsolete or not optimal.

The video services industry traditionally has required new, more expensive hardware to improve expected performance. This has unnecessarily burdened business models for service providers.   Zodiac’s expertise in software design and optimization has opened new paths for legacy platforms and has reduced the requirements for upcoming hardware by optimizing the software. Increased software efficiencies have improved set-top performance with dramatic results.

Product Ideation

Benefit from our experience and a wide variety of deployments.

Zodiac takes unique concepts from thought leadership and product ideation to prototype, testing, and enterprise-wide deployment. This results in Zodiac deploying products on million of devices.  We understand what is possible while being mindful of what is practical and useful. Our years of successful deployment and consumer feedback have developed finely tuned product understanding. From UI Design to Stream Transformation, we can bring our experience to turn your product ideas into reality.

Product Testing, Integration, and Deployment

We have been through some of the toughest lab and network environments.

Zodiac’s years of deploying products and platforms provides productization and testing like few others. Anticipating network needs and the specific requirements of the service provider allows us to ask the right questions and recommend the best solutions.  Zodiac’s experience has resulted in our clients relying on Zodiac certification for a wide range of products

Rapid Time-to-Market

Use Zodiac’s deployment and development expertise.

With deployments and experience across some of the largest service providers, Zodiac’s speed of development exceeds expectations. Our insights dramatically cut the time from prototype to production because the initial approach is virtually fieldable.

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