iTV Leader To Demo its Server-Based, Patent Pending AMS Cloud Solution Enabling Multi-Screen Convergence For and Between Legacy, Next-Gen, Mobile, Tablet and PC Clients; Zodiac Will Also Unveil the New PowerUp OpenGL Module for tru2way, and Preview HTML5 Applications to be based on the PowerUp HTML5 Platform

HICKSVILLE, NY (June 13, 2011) – Zodiac Interactive (www.zodiac.tv), an Emmy® award-winning developer of software-based platforms and solutions for interactive television (iTV) and converged digital media, today announced that it will showcase the Social Media and Messaging Solution Suites of its PowerUp AMS Platform from The Cable Show CableNet Pavilion in Chicago. In addition, Zodiac will also demonstrate HTML5 applications to be based on its PowerUp for HTML5 Platform, which is currently under development, as well as the PowerUp OpenGL module now available for the PowerUp for tru2way Platform.

PowerUp AMS provides a non-intrusive cloud-based software server infrastructure through which service providers can unify web, mobile and set-top box device technologies with enterprise and third-party services, as well as web based applications. Standard, as well as customized AMS Solution Suites and Utility Modules leverage core server functionality to deliver use-case specific capabilities.

Also of note, is that the AMS cloud based server farm provides an extendable and re-usable back-end foundation capable of supporting numerous AMS Solution Suites and Utility Modules.

Brandon Brown, Zodiac Interactive CEO, commented that, “The capabilities and economies of scale delivered by PowerUp AMS have, to-date, resulted in platform licenses for carrier wide usage by two North American MSOs, which are deploying four Utility Modules and two solution suites.”

He continued, “In addition, Zodiac also now provides the opportunity for service providers to utilize all the advantages of HTML5 and OpenGL on tru2way and IPTV, which we will showcase to the general public at this week’s Cable Show in Chicago.”

Among the solutions and applications that Zodiac will demo are:

Zodiac AMS Social Media Adapter


PowerUp AMS Social Media Application

The new age of television will allow a community experience based on user interests.  This interactive application combines the power of TV with that of social media. For example, a TV viewer who is watching a program will receive a prompt to let them know there is an opportunity to join Facebook or Twitter users watching the same program, or to interact by receiving and sending messages within the community at the touch of a button. AMS technology will allow that program’s affinity following to trade thoughts in messages across any device during the program.



Zodiac's PowerUp AMS Messaging Application


PowerUp AMS Messaging Application

In an always-connected world, it is now possible to send, receive and manage email, calendar, tweets, pictures and SMS communications through any device, including the set top. PowerUp AMS enables all of these communications in real time through a set top device; this capability can be extended to home security monitoring, emergency alerts for weather, traffic, stock, news, etc.





Zodiac's Movies on Demand as powered by PowerUp OpenGL Module for tru2way


PowerUp OpenGL Module for tru2way

The PowerUp OpenGL module provides a presentation engine that leverages and realizes the capabilities offered from next generation hardware chip sets currently being deployed in tru2way set-top-boxes. The Module includes a rich set of reusable graphical primitives, common management of graphical objects, highly optimized visual effects and animations, and support for complex and custom animations.




Zodiac's PowerUp HTML5 Solution for tru2way

PowerUp HTML5 Solution for tru2way

The Zodiac PowerUp HTML5 solution will deliver a web browser presentation engine coupled with a services layer to provide a rich authoring environment with full browser control of all systems and subsystems for both tru2way and IPTV infrastructures.

The PowerUp HTML5 solution has been developed as a services-based layered architecture, providing a thin client front-end supported by a robust service layer that separates the presentation layer from the underlying business logic. This solution provides the ability to introduce the advantages of HTML5 to tru2way across all devices for improved authoring, rapid deployment and application development, including user interfaces.


Zodiac Interactive is an industry leading and Emmy winning developer of software for interactive television. Zodiac’s PowerUp™ Framework is cross-platform software that unifies and enables advanced TV applications across multiple set-tops. The core of PowerUp, with its open APIs and libraries, makes it easy for operators to develop and deploy advanced TV services, such as user interfaces, EBIF, EPGs, tru2way, VOD, Web-Services, and other features demanded by operators today. For more information, visit www.zodiac.tv.

Interactive Television 2.0 and PowerUp are trademarks of Zodiac Interactive. EBIF and tru2way are trademarks of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. Other company, product and service names mentioned herein may be trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

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