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PowerUp AMS: Bringing It All Together

Interactive TV isn’t just about TV anymore. PowerUp AMS was designed from the ground up to be the first carrier grade service bus & integration hub purposely built for the video service provider sector. It’s a way for video service providers to deliver interactivity, content, and communications via any delivery platform on any device with content value added fee based services. Zodiac’s PowerUp Advanced Messaging Solution is a universal platform for integrated content convergence. It unites a wide array of backend systems to communicate seamlessly and deliver any content received or displayed on any receiving device, regardless of format. It serves as an integration hub to bring together a variety of services and backends as easily as possible.

PowerUp AMS is a server-based platform that integrates cloud services across TVs, PCs, tablets, cell phones, or any other connected devices. It enables service providers to take advantage of new opportunities with IP services, over-the-top content, advanced advertising, and multi-screen applications.

Specifically, the solution provides universal two-way communication between managed and unmanaged devices within the service provider’s ecosystem. PowerUp AMS is a carrier-class, non-intrusive, cloud-based server infrastructure with the ability to serve as an enterprise service bus and an integration hub.

It enables video service providers to unify and integrate Web, mobile, game consoles, and managed devices with service providers and third-party services and Internet applications.

The modular AMS cloud-based servers provide an extendable/re-useable, backend foundation capable of supporting numerous AMS Adapters for multiple Use Case/Application requirements. AMS Solution Adapters leverage core server functionality to deliver use-case specific capabilities. Examples include:

  • Command and Control
  • Data Compression and Aggregation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Connecting to MSO Services (e.g., Billing)
  • Connecting to Third-Party Services
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Advanced Advertising
  • Home Security and Alerts
  • Carousel Management
  • Emergency Alerts

PowerUp AMS supports unicast, anycast, multicast, broadcast, and geo-cast routing methods and provides the ability to execute complex business rules and decision engine processes concurrently across all PowerUp AMS adapters and data streams.

This solution supports standard J2EE environments, has an expandable architecture, and provides horizontal scalability and fault-tolerance via clustering. PowerUp AMS supports flexible configuration capabilities and isolated adapter interaction.

PowerUp AMS Value Add Features and Functionality

Platform Agnostic

Deploy regardless of the device platform and network.


Deploy server-based content quickly and easily with minimal integration concerns and low resource utilization.

Aggregation and Delivery

Aggregate and provide content and information properly formatted to the target device.

Technological Heritage

We have 3 generations of service provider-specific field platforms currently serving more than 20 million users.

Pathway to New Apps

Incorporate tweets, Facebook updates, RSS feeds, broadcast “walled garden” content, and any other applications able to be invoked by addressable device messages.

Truly Agile Application Development Framework

PowerUp AMS features BPEL, EMML, SOA, and Java so developers can choose the appropriate tool for their tasks.  Automated Web Service Integration allows for the integration of Cloud-based services.

Infinitely Horizontally Scalable

The platform supports hundreds of thousands of messages to greater than 50+ million concurrent instances.

RDK Integration GO!

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