AMS Use Cases

PowerUp AMS Use Cases

Zodiac’s PowerUp AMS can be used as a solution for a wide variety of business opportunities. The following are examples of integrations that Zodiac has accomplished as a full-solution suite to meet a variety of customer business requirements:

  • Facebook and Twitter integration permits social conversation specific to the tuned program.
  • Send and receive text-based messages on an overlay screen while watching a program.
  • Point-to-point solution allows external sources of information such as data feeds, RSS feeds, messaging, etc., to be sent and received by end-user-specific delivery points, such as set-top box, mobile device, web device, or tablet in a customizable format.
  • Enterprise messaging bus broadcasts information to servers and handles various business processes. The communication may be within a server farm, server-to-server, or server-to-set top and other end devices, regardless of the technology.
  • Event and programming-specific information applications, such as Tour de France, World Cup, or the Academy Awards.
  • Enhanced sports application provides statistics and additional information as desired using RSS feeds and web services. Similar to Verizon Red Zone, it can be used to integrate with upsell for PPV events.
  • Traffic is displayed in real-time using alert-based widgets and a full-featured traffic center using video and still pictures displayed as a mosaic. This can include geo-targeting and personalization based on user profile and preference settings.
  • Advanced remote control manages devices, including channel surfing, UI navigation, DVR control, and more. The solution is independent from the source of the control commands, which can be a companion device, web application, service provider’s backend, third-party service, etc.
  • Home security alerts and control can be integrated.
  • PPV upsell and pre-buying is available.
  • Advanced advertising, including support for SCTE-130 standards, allows RFI, telescoping, and geo-targeting, to increase revenue opportunities and provide richer user experiences.
  • Network DVR integration presents the applications with unified DVR control API, regardless of the location of the DVR storage (local or headend).
  • Caller ID integrates with vendor-specific backends (Genband) and service provider-specific backends.
  • Fantasy sports can be regional if desired.
  • Share content and bookmarks across multiple screens and platforms such as TV/set-top, mobile, and web.
  • Emergency alert system takes feeds from different sources. An AMS-based solution can replace or supplement EAS.
  • Collect usage statistics and measure audiences.
  • EPG programming data is delivered by integrating third party and service provider EPG data feeds.
  • Lineup data feeds are available.
  • Manage content using a carousel.
  • Synchronize settings between managed devices and the backend profile settings.
  • Integrate with search and recommendations backends.
  • Operations support includes diagnostics, configuration editor, dynamic code delivery, and STB firmware provisioning.

In-Development Applications and Zodiac PowerUp AMS Technology

Zodiac AMS is an advertising application that allows an RFI request to provide a social media experience related to the product, such as reviews and comments, as well as special deals. Zodiac’s patent-pending TVCallMe application automatically initiates a phone call between advertisers and consumers for information and ordering, allowing a real-time chat regarding product experience and leveraging the service provider VoIP infrastructure.

Consumers can opt-in for special deals through the service provider or advertisers directly. They receive text-based offers, information, and a call to action. This is either a supplement for existing advertisers or a lower-cost option for small advertisers to use text rather than video.

Customer service self-help is available for commonly asked questions, especially technical setup and troubleshooting problems. The goal is to offload call center traffic to VOD assets and other interactive options reducing call center time on routine questions by 30%. These options with graphics and video are more complete and satisfying to customers.

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