PowerUp Browser

Zodiac’s application platform for IP, QAM, and hybrid managed devices.

The PowerUp Browser solution has been developed as a service based, layered architecture, providing either a thin or full client front-end supported by a robust service layer that separates the presentation layer from the underlying business logic.

PowerUp Browser is an application platform for IP, QAM, and hybrid managed devices. It is compliant to the numerous standards by W3C, OIPF, DLNA, HbbTV, CEA, SCTE, ITU, ETSI, and DVB. In addition, full support is provided for multiple media formats including; HTTP Live Streaming, H.264 video, and AAC audio codecs.

PowerUp Browser can interoperate with the PowerUp Video Broadcast System (VBS), and the PowerUp middleware services layer (The PowerUp Platform) providing HTML5 applications and legacy applications with full access to the services that the underlying IP, QAM, and hybrid STB platform offers.

PowerUp Browser is highly portable and easily extendable with future HTML5 features. The PowerUp Browser’s porting layer enables rapid portability to any new target platform and transparent utilization of new services and capabilities available on different OEM platforms.

PowerUp Browser is available for next generation set-top boxes, and IP devices. The PowerUp Browser allows the device simultaneous execution of applications of different natures including native applications, PowerUp scripted applications, and HTML5/JavaScript (JS) applications.

This PowerUp Browser is based on open standards for ITV functionality and designed and engineered with these goals:

  • Universal mechanism for providing JS applications with easy access to native and scripting APIs;
  • Keep existing APIs intact;
  • Utilize JS standard means of accessing methods and data;
  • High performance;
  • Allow for clean separation of presentation logic and heavyweight lifting with the former being in JS layer and the latter being in native or scripting layers;
  • Allow native and script components to evolve as needed and provide new features to JS layer without modifications to the developed solution.




Features and Advantages

  1. The Zodiac PowerUp Browser is based on the industry standard products WebKit and Google V8and is optimized for the video service ecosystem.  As a result, Zodiac clients have the ability to selectively adopt continuing advancements in the W3C standards.
  2. Beneath PowerUp Browser, lies a thin Zodiac Porting Layer designed to deliver maximum power of the managed device’s graphics and video capabilities. It also provides PowerUp Browser with transportability across multiple managed device platforms.
  3. PowerUp Browser supports most HTML5 web applications.
  4. PowerUp Browser is integrated with the Zodiac PowerUp VBS and other service layers. This provides full access to all existing STB platform capabilities; QAM video, VOD services, DLNA Client discovery, etc. Additionally, PowerUp 2.0 applications have the ability to run HTML5 applications as channel services.
  5. Zodiac’s PowerUp Browser comprises a highly optimized JavaScript engine with JA compiler specifically to compensate for limited capabilities of managed devices. The optimizing Crankshaft compiler has also been used to further increase application performance. Combined, these two compilers deliver the fastest JavaScript execution environment available today for managed devices.
  6. Smart resource cache. The reworked WebKit resource caching mechanism for PowerUp Browser carefully manages the available video memory size and image usage patterns. This optimization significantly improves animation smoothness of the resource intense HTML5 applications in limited environment of the managed device.
  7. Utilization and optimization of Google Skia has been improved for efficient usage of the hardware graphics pipeline. As a result the asynchronous graphics model improves graphics performance of the HTML5 applications.