PowerUp Platform

Zodiac’s Modular and Flexible Middleware Framework and Presentation Engine.

Zodiac’s PowerUp Platform is a modular and flexible middleware framework and presentation engine that delivers a comprehensive yet simple application environment to enable service providers to quickly, easily and cost–effectively deploy a broad range of user interfaces and advanced Internet–based services and applications across multiple device platforms. This innovative software delivers solutions for both existing technologies and next generation platforms.

The PowerUp Platform provides a common foundation for the development and deployment of interactive applications and services, including; Interactive ads, games, chat, web browsing, classifieds, social media integration, and t–commerce for both existing and next generation ecosystems.

The PowerUp Platform consists of three key layers – The middleware layer; The Presentation Engine and the Application Development Environment.

PowerUp Middleware

The PowerUp middleware provides innovative new features to support the most advanced next-generation user interfaces and ITV applications. It provides for the efficient operation of client-based and network-based functions and presentation while optimized to minimize bandwidth requirements. These modular, integrated and re-usable elements reduce both deployment timelines and on-going operational costs:

  • Data Collection – Data Collection Service allows applications to register their own events that are potentially of interest for server engineers or market analytics etc.;
  • WorkFlow Engine – allows executing different data processing routines required by other services or end-user applications.
  • zVOD Client – is a VOD client having a plugin-oriented architecture.
  • Parsing Engine – a unified API for easy parsing incoming configuration and data files in different formats.
  • DOB2 Universal Layer – DOB2 library is an abstraction layer over various APIs as delivered by hardware vendors.
  • Asset Data Service – Applications work with Asset Data Service to load required data through concept of the file system. The service at first is responsible for file caching to avoid repetitive downloads of the same file. The rules to manage the cache can be updated on the server “on the fly” and are delivered to the service through Messaging Service. Then, the service exercises version control, dependencies tracking, supports dynamic code download, and leverages Transport Service.
  • Messaging Service – Messaging service’s primary purpose is to handle real-time asynchronous notifications sent from the head-end to particular applications and services on the managed device.
  • Transport Service – “wraps” all available transports into a simple yet powerful API for all services and applications that need access to servers, headends, carousels, cloud services, etc.


PowerUp Presentation Engine

The PowerUp Presentation Engine is a highly optimized rendering engine that runs the applications and provides them with unified graphic scene. It supports native, HTML5, Android, iOS, Java and Embedded Linux.  It includes the following components:

  • GS Renderer – A highly optimized drawing engine used to render application UI forms built from Extended Component Library components.
  • Insta Framework – A comprehensive API allowing rapid development of end-user applications.
  • eBIF Player – the optional EBIF UA enables EBIF applications on EBIF-enabled and non-EBIF service provider ecosystems.
  • Extended Component Library – Component set includes all standard and complicated controls to create a cognate UI style.
  • AVN Client – the optional AVN Client provides managed device with cloud-rendered UI.
  • Advanced Graphics – is a powerful component library that any UI-based application needs to be useful, attractive and user-friendly.


PowerUp Application Development Environment

The PowerUp Application Development Environment provides a flexible environment for application development for the service provider with the ability to write once deploy anywhere thus dramatically reduces time-to-market for deployment of key applications and services. This application software platform is modular based with a web browser presentation engine coupled with a service layer that provides a rich authoring environment for legacy, current and next generation IPTV infrastructure and set-top box platforms. It supports a wide array of web and TV standards for developing TV applications.