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Zodiac has an unparalleled track record of creating award-winning applications for television resulting in two Emmy’s.. From our extensive library of apps, Zodiac offers an endless variety of classic, cool, and versatile games for any platform. Our Interactive Program Guide, VOD menu, and Movie Guide give cable customers easy, intuitive ways to find the content they enjoy.

From widgets and shortcuts to web apps and social media, Zodiac empowers cable providers to keep customers engaged and take advantage of new interactive advertising and on-demand revenue opportunities.
Check out the apps featured here to see just a sampling of Zodiac’s comprehensive catalog and apps development capabilities.

PowerUp AMS Social Media
The new age of television will allow a community experience based on user interests. This interactive television application combines the power of TV with social media to allow you to connect with your friends and fellow viewers in previously unimaginable ways.
Need information fast? Zodiac’s FastLink widget bar provides instant information—local weather, sports, news—programming search, and telescoping to on-demand videos. They’re a great way for cable providers to provide simple, convenient interactivity that promotes ITV usage. This usage then makes room for interactive advertising, commerce, and service upselling opportunities.
Zodiac has won numerous awards for its advances in game development. We houses one of the largest libraries of games for both current and future platforms. Check out our comprehensive games catalog that includes Arcade, Logic, Card, Parlour, Family, Puzzle, and other genres.
Movie Guide
Zodiac Interactive Movie Guide makes it easy to discover on-demand movies. Users can find movies that appeal to them by accessing movie descriptions, trailers, actors, similar movies, and other criteria.
PowerUp EPG
Electronic program guides are among Zodiac’s most popular television applications. Our Interactive Program Guide, VOD menu, and Movie Guide give cable customers intuitive ways to find the content they enjoy. Zodiac recently completed an Intellectual Property License Agreement with Rovi Inc., allowing us to provide our customers with a complete, end-to-end product.
Take advantage of TVCallMe, a click-to-call app that provides convenience for consumers and revenue opportunities for cable providers. When an ad for a restaurant or other business appears, a viewer simply clicks a notification button that alerts the business to call back. The automated system initiates calls to the business and to the customer, and then connects the two.
VOD Guide
Zodiac cuts through the growing maze of on-demand content with zVOD, a guide that provides high-performance, better presentation, and easier navigation. With an increasing array of on-demand movies, prime-time programming, short-form video, and user-generated content, users will enjoy zVOD’s enhanced capability to find content faster than a channel change.
The zVOD client navigates through feature film clips on the left side of the screen with the video shown in the window on the right.
Zodiac’s widgets are called Zidgets—small but powerful applications that instantly launch from a sidebar—engaging the user without obstructing the TV program or interrupting the viewing experience. Zidgets are a great way for providers to keep viewers engaged for interactive advertising, upsell opportunities, and brand loyalty.
Zidgets include:
• Movie Searches
• Games
• Local Search
• Classifieds
• Auctions
• News & Weather
• Scores & Fantasy Sports

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