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PowerUp with Zodiac Interactive

Zodiac Interactive is an Emmy Award-winning provider of interactive media solutions that has been at the forefront of digital technology for over 10 years. The company’s PowerUp Software Products supports both legacy and next-generation environments to empower leading service providers worldwide with the tools to deliver the latest, rich-content-based multi-screen services to subscribers.

With support for more than 10 million deployed set-tops and growing, Zodiac supplies service providers with the proven, innovative resources and technical expertise too quickly and cost-effectively design, build, deploy, manage, and monetize converged user experiences.

PowerUp: The complete suite of ITV solutions

To offer interactive TV, you need the right solutions. Zodiac’s flagship PowerUp Product Suite features a complete, industry-leading set of solutions and tools to provide interactive applications on today’s cable platforms or tomorrow’s multi-screen platforms.

PowerUp products include video broadcast system (VBS), middleware, and server solutions that support EBIF, tru2way®, IP and other interactive platforms. PowerUp solutions maximize your ITV potential by enabling richer graphics, enhanced functionality, and higher performance.

TzVOD1he PowerUp platforms complement one another on all platforms and provide seamless integration so that an application written for one PowerUp platform works uniformly on the other platforms, whether legacy or next-generation. PowerUp uniquely offers a “write once, run anywhere” environment that is sought after by today’s apps developers and service providers. These platforms offer the flexibility to use our standard products to customize your solution.

To fulfill your next-generation aspirations, see our new PowerUp Advanced Messaging Solution (PowerUp AMS), a server-based platform to integrate cloud services across TV, PCs, tablets, cell phones or any other connected devices. Power up!

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